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Tools and Resources


Resources to Prepare You for the Challenge


Tools and Resources

Looking for tools and tips that may help you take a more active role in your treatment plan? Here you will find downloadable tools that may help you talk to your doctor and keep track of your experience on AROMASIN® (exemestane tablets), as well as resources that may help you learn more about AROMASIN and the many ways Pfizer may help you pay for your treatment.

Patient Journal

The AROMASIN Patient Journal

Keep track of your progress during your treatment plan. Find out how to set treatment milestones. Learn ways to achieve them.

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Patient Journal

The AROMASIN Savings Card Checklist

The Savings Card Checklist only works on brand-name AROMASIN. This checklist will help you receive the brand-name therapy your doctor prescribes, along with the monthly savings that come with it.

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Education Brochure

The AROMASIN Education Brochure

For women who want to learn more about AROMASIN, this brochure can help prepare you to talk with your doctor about a breast cancer treatment plan.

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Doctor's Discussion Guide

Doctor Discussion Guide

This tool may help guide your discussion with your doctor so that you can work together to enhance your experience on AROMASIN and strengthen your breast cancer treatment plan.

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