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Learn how you may be able to save on your AROMASIN prescription

Eligible patients may use the card to save up to $125 per 30-day fill and up to $1,500 per year on their AROMASIN prescription.*

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Where can I learn more about aromasin?

  • Learn how AROMASIN works in certain types of breast cancer
  • Read about the side effects that other women have experienced while on AROMASIN

What might I expect while taking AROMASIN?

  • Read about what other women in an AROMASIN clinical study experienced
  • Learn about how AROMASIN may lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence or the risk of developing cancer in the other breast

How can I save on my prescription?

  • Learn about the many ways Pfizer, the maker of AROMASIN, may help you save on your prescription

After learning more about AROMASIN, you and your doctor can make an informed decision together about your treatment.